Classifying Different Apartment Security Systems

There are many different apartment security systems that people can install. For some reason, burglars love apartments. The good news is that the makers of security systems for businesses and homes have scaled down their products so that they can be used for smaller apartments. With the help of these warning devices, the security in apartment complexes can be increased.

What We Know about Burglaries

Studies show that most apartment burglaries occur during the day when no one is at home or at night when everyone is asleep. 30% of the time, burglars access apartments via an open door or through the window. These unscrupulous individuals use a variety of implements to enter apartment buildings such as small bars, channel lock pliers, and even hammers.

How Apartment Security Systems Can Help

Security and warning systems are usually installed on various points of entry like the front door, back door, and windows. When thieves break in the alarm will go off alerting neighbors and/or the local police. Some systems also alert the tenant, thus they will know that an unwanted or forced entry was committed. Most of the time, the alarm is enough to scare away the culprits.

Types of Security and Alarm Systems

There are different types of apartment security systems and you can usually classify each product into a specific category. The first two categories are wired and wireless security systems. You can say that wired security systems are the original batch of warning/security equipment to be offered to the public.

Apartment security systems like these can be pretty hard to install since most home owners want to hide the unsightly wires. In spite of their usefulness, wired systems have an obvious weakness. A burglar can disarm the system by simply cutting the right wire. This is only one of the reasons why wireless security systems have become very popular nowadays.

Apartment security systems can also be classified either as monitored systems or unmonitored systems. Monitored systems are more complex than unmonitored ones. An unmonitored system sounds an alarm when a burglar trips the system – the objective of course is to drive away the unwanted entrant and to alert other residents of a burglary.

On the other hand, a monitored security system does all of that and more. A monitored system is one that can alert a central station that is manned 24/7. The personnel in the central station will immediately notify the nearest police station of the incident. The idea behind monitored apartment security systems is to alert the authorities ASAP in order to apprehend the criminal.